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LifeCo Holdings was established to bring alternative services to customers. The company has three subsidiary companies namely LifeCo Life Insurance Company Limited, LifeCo Pension Services Company and LifeCo Asset Management Limited. The triple entry of companies is geared to give you an alternative experience in the financial services industry giving you a wider choice, competitive pricing, improved service delivery, innovative solutions and empathy.
LifeCo Life Insurance Company Limited is providing affordable and innovative life insurance services in Malawi through its products Group Life Insurance, Group Funeral Insurance, Group Mortgage Insurance Cover, Group Credit Insurance Cover and Annuity Fund Management.
LifeCo Pension Services Company is committed to providing exceptional pension services in Malawi that keep members updated on how member pensions are performing through being a pension administrator, operator of unrestricted pension fund and corporate trustee.
LifeCo Asset Management Limited is serving customers in Malawi to plan future financial goals and manage wealth through customized services such as being an asset manager for pension administration, corporate wealth management services and private wealth management services.
LifeCo Holdings mission, vision and values clearly articulate the research solutions and creates the promise LifeCo makes to its members. LifeCo clearly understands the customers’ expectations and commits to delivering that promise.
Inspired by the Shareholders passion to succeed, LifeCo has put together a passionate professional management team, and empathetic staff that are supported by a robust international standard systems to deliver on the service promise.
At LifeCo we promote an empathetic customer-centric attitude as we understand and respect our customers, for they are the reason we exist.