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  • The idea to establish a Carlsberg brewery in Malawi was initiated by a Danish Foreign Minister who visited Malawi during the independence celebrations in 1966. The minister was not impressed by the beers available at the time and suggested to the former President, Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda, that when he returned home, he would ask Carlsberg to open a brewery in Malawi.
  • Carlsberg Malawi Brewery Limited is the only brewery to have produced six varieties of Carlsberg.
  • The Visitors Centre at Carlsberg Malawi Brewery’s head office stocks a range of Carlsberg novelties for sale to the general public.
  • In 1986, sales of Carlsberg Brown exceeded those of Carlsberg Green (65% market share).
  • In 2005, the brewery received a 100% satisfactory grade from Denmark for having no yeast infections for the whole year.
  • Carlsberg brewery in Malawi is capable of producing 380,000 hl of beer per year.
  • Carlsberg Malawi,  through the Copa Coca-Cola sponsorship, has supported grassroots football for secondary schools since 1968



Carlsberg Malawi
Malimidwe Road
Makata Industrial Area
P.O. Box 406

Tel: +265 1 872 999
Fax: +265 1 873 038



Sites: 1
Capacity: 380,000 hl
Employees: 1500
Market Position: 1
Market Share: 97% of clear beer only and 27% of total alcoholic beverages
Total Beer Market: 1 million hl
Consumption per Person: 8 Litres
Carlsberg Ownership: 44%


Carlsberg Green, Carlsberg Light, Carlsberg Classic, Carlsberg Elephant, Carlsberg Special Brew, Carlsberg Stout, Kuche Kuche


Carlsberg Malawi Brewery Limited
Malimidwe Road
Makata Indusrial Area
P.O. Box 406

Tel: +265 1 872 999
Fax: +265 1 873 038


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Castel Malawi Limited PDF Print E-mail

Castel Malawi Limited was formerly known as Carlsberg Malawi. Carlsberg Malawi Carlsberg Malawi is a beverages only company comprising of 5 bottling plants, a distillery and a brewery. We produce and distribute world class brands such as Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Sprite as well the iconic Malawi Gin. 

Carlsberg Malawi’s soft drinks business was established in 1955 when the first Coca-Cola products were produced in Malawi under the company name Nyasaland Bottling Company. After Malawi’s independence in 1964, the company name changed to National Bottling Company as we continued to produce sparkling beverages. The distillery has been in operation since 1965, when it was established as Malawi Distilleries Limited. Carlsberg Malawi Brewery Limited was established in Malawi in 1968. 

Carlsberg Malawi employs over 1500 employees nationwide, offering careers in our Human Resources, Finance, Commercial and the Supply Chain departments across Malawi.

Carlsberg Malawi Brewery LTD is the first brewery to have been established outside of Copenhagen and is the only Carlsberg brewery in Africa. We are also the only Coca-Cola franchisee in Malawi. 


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Carlsberg Malawi embeds social responsibility throughout the value chain, integrating CSR into business processes and operations.


Sales & Marketing
We are committed to presenting and marketing our beers and spirits in a way that is responsible and promotes enjoyment in moderation.


Our CSR focus in all our brewing and bottling operations is to ensure a safe working environment for all employees. We are also committed to improving our efficiency and processes in order to reduce our impact on the environment.


Labour and Human Rights
Employees are fundamental to our success. Our aim is to provide an open and inspirational workplace where all employees can develop their full potential. Carlsberg Malawi has an HIV/AIDS workplace Policy which responds to issues of non-discrimination against people living with HIV.


As a company that distributes products that bring people together and caters for all occasions within our community, we are an integral part of the community. We are therefore committed to making a real difference in communities around us. Our focus is on sponsorships that encourage Active Lifestyle, and projects that support Education, Environment, Health and Local Economic Enhancement.



  • Alcohol
    Carlsberg Green, Carlsberg Light, Carlsberg Brown, Carlsberg Elephant,
    Carlsberg Special Brew, Carlsberg Stout, Kuche Kuche
  • Soft Drinks
    Fanta Orange, Fanta Pineapple, Fanta Passion, Coca cola, Coke Light,
    Sprite, Coco-pina, Cherry-plum
  • Juice
    Orange Squash, Pineapple Squash
  • Mineral Water
    Quench Bottled Water


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