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Wednesday, 29 July 2020 09:23

DSC 0003CMinister of Labour Ken Kandodo on Tuesday 28th July 2020 visited offices of Press Corporation plc at PCL House, Top Mandala in Blantyre.

The newly appointed minister said he thought of interacting with Press Corporation plc management on the task of creating 1 million jobs.

“We thought we should engage and share ideas on the creation of 1 million jobs with Press Corporation plc being one of the largest conglomerates in the country,” said Kandodo who was flanked with Principal Secretary for Labour Dr Esmie Kainja and other technocrats in the ministry.

In his remarks, Press Corporation plc Group Chief Executive Officer Dr George Partridge said creating 1 million jobs is possible and can be done.

“We pledge our support towards the creation of 1 million jobs. It is possible and it can be done given the right environment,” said Dr Partridge.

He called on the minister to push for Labour Law Reforms saying some laws are skewed towards one side which makes it difficult to create a conducive environment for job creation.

Dr Partridge also called on government to address challenges regarding unfair and uncertain interpretation of laws by regulatory authorities and lack of level playing field by regulators generally, and in respect of the interpretation and enforcement of tax laws specifically which have seen some of its subsidiary companies like Castel Brewery Malawi laying off workers because of tax issues.


“We also want government to be flexible to give licenses to independent power producers. We had partners who were ready to invest with us in the power sector but they left frustrated because government could not give us power licenses yet when they went to Mozambique and Zambia they had not problems and one tend to wonder what is wrong with Malawi?” said Dr Partridge.


He also asked government to address issues of tax evasions and counterfeit products saying it is disheartening for tax compliance companies like Press Corporation plc and its subsidiaries such as PTC to be victims of others who do not pay tax and bring counterfeit products and choke production of genuine products who also pay tax to government.


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