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From its roots in the 1960's, Limbe Leaf Tobacco Company Limited (LLTC) has grown to become one of Malawi's leading tobacco processors. With operations encompassing a wide range of fields, the company assists the Malawi nation and its neighbouring countries with sustainable development, foreign exchange, capital investment and employment.

We take pride in the wide range of developmental activities we conduct throughout the country. In the past the company was engaged in various programmes designed to uplift the state of Malawi's forests and land conservation through our reforestation and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) programmes.

Besides looking after the well-being of the physical part of Malawi, LLTC also runs a Social Responsibilities Programme (SRP) designed to provide people directly or indirectly involved in our activities with sustainable food sources, education, health care and a child-labour-free environment.


Leaf Purchasing
The Malawi market consists of four main floors that are used for buying and selling tobacco namely: Lilongwe, Limbe, Mzuzu and the recently upgraded Chinkhoma floors. All the tobacco is sold wrapped in Hessian bales at an average bale weight of approximately 90 kilos. Read More

Tobacco Processing
There are various forms of tobacco processing methods. Tipping & threshing is the main method in use today. This is the most common processing technique where the objective is to remove the midrib (backbone stem) from each individual leaf (lamina).  Read More

Tobacco Exporting
We supply to customers in 60 countries worldwide with sales of various qualities and styles in three different types of tobacco. Tobacco for export is either containerized at our factories in Lilongwe and Limbe, and then transported to the ports of Beira, Durban and Nacala, or it is taken break bulk to Beira and Johannesburg for containerization before shipping. Read More

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