Press Corporation Limited embraces ethical standards in it procurement activities and dedicates this page to provide an open repository of documents to inform and transact with vendors/contractors and suppliers.FAQs
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Press Corporation Limited Code of Ethics Press Corporation Limited Code of Ethics

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This is PCL's Code of Ethics that brings together, in a single booklet, the corporate practices to be applied by the company in the conduct of its affairs. It is the foundation of all-important relationships between the Corporation and its employees, and in the communities in which it operates. Procurement is one of the affairs conducted at PCL, and vendors, contractors and suppliers constitute the communities of interaction, hence application of this Code of Ethics.

Bidding Document for RAMA Project ESIA Bidding Document for RAMA Project ESIA

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This form must be downloaded and completed or utilized as a guide to complete the ESIA proposal. The submission deadline is 16:00 Hours on 20 February 2015 to the address

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