Telekom Networks Malawi PLC Print


Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) PLC, Company number 4029 was the pioneer mobile network in Malawi and it is listed on the Malawi stock exchange.

TNM is wholly Malawian owned with the following shareholders; Press Corporation Limited 41.31%, Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (Mw) Limited 24.07%, Magni Holdings Limited 5.01%, NICO Life Insurance Company Limited 4.88%, Livingstone Holdings Ltd 1.87%, Magetsi Pension Fund 1.488%, Unilogy Holdings Limited 1.26%, Investment Alliance Limited, 1.034% among the top ten shareholders

TNM is listed on the Malawi stock exchange and its strength comes from being the first local mobile operator

Coverage & Technology

Geographically TNM network covers over 74% of Malawi. TNM operates a 4G network enabling advanced broadband multimedia services, in addition to 2G and 3G networks. TNM offers a comprehensive range of prepaid and postpaid services; these include voice and data connectivity. TNM has been a pioneer of many services in Malawi and became the first mobile operator in Malawi to launch 4G broadband services in Malawi. Services on offer include video calls, video and music streaming and high speed wireless internet access services.